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Sometimes we get extra lazy, kiss-headers provide two bases classes, named Header and Headers. When handling Header object we might want to do more complex things than extracting an attribute value.

The library proposes more than 40+ ready-to-use custom Header subclasses with specifics methods associated.


Since version 2.1 you can transform an Header object to its target CustomHeader subclass in order to access more methods.

from kiss_headers import parse_it, get_polymorphic, SetCookie

my_cookies = """set-cookie: 1P_JAR=2020-03-16-21; expires=Wed, 15-Apr-2020 21:27:31 GMT; path=/;; Secure; SameSite=none
set-cookie: CONSENT=WP.284b10; expires=Fri, 01-Jan-2038 00:00:00 GMT; path=/;"""

headers = parse_it(my_cookies)

type(headers.set_cookie[0])  # output: Header

set_cookie = get_polymorphic(headers.set_cookie[0], SetCookie)

type(set_cookie)  # output: SetCookie

set_cookie.get_cookie_name()  # output: 1P_JAR
set_cookie.get_expire()  # output: datetime(...)

See complete list of supported subclasses in Developer Interface.